Why i hate the devil?

Seven reasons why I hate the devil:

Because he deceives a lot of people with all the devices of his worldly influence!

Because of the lack of sleep of children because they focus not on spiritual things due to their desires to learn more and wanted to be popular in some ways that it will consume their time spending on it instead of spending in prayer and knowing our LORD Jesus Christ.

Because it brings confusion to the mind of people pre-occupying themselves with the lust of the flesh, the pride of life and the lust of the eyes!

Because it steals the deep sleep of people by implanting nightmares and foolish thinking that will end up people to an unhealthy lifestyles and lack of sleep because of these never-ending chase for fame!

Because of using the lack of money to deceiving people to work for money and sacrificing the welfare of the family.

Because he steals the joy of everyone that fell into the temptation of having this or owning that in mind today in our materialistic world.

Because of stealing the Word of GOD in he hearts of GOD’s people!

And now by the authority of the Word of GOD, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I bind the devil and cast him out of our life and cast him back into the lake of fire in hell.


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