WE ARE – Ambassadors, Coaches, Heartsome, Intimate, Encourager, Victorious, Enlightened, Responsible & will be Successful in all aspects of life.


See our Values below:

We Give Opportunities

Using internet for helping people know their real purpose in life and experience true freedom.

We are Ambassadors

We believe in a deeper reason in everything that happens to us, We have faith in One True Living GOD.

We accept Challenges

We see problem as opportunities, or challenges that help  us be what we are predistined to.

We are Team Player

Finding good players are easy,  Getting them to play as a team with one vision is a challenge

Our Story

Each family have their own life story, success, struggles and that’s why we came up with achievers connect.

Our motto: is A Never-ending Determination to be Radiant in A  life Directed by GOD Always.

Our vision is to connect all Achievers and give them opportunities, empowering and educating them to be a blessings to others through the contents that we offer here in our website.

We add value to other people’s lives. We focus in character development and wholellness and our ultimate goal is to unite families that lives apart because of careers or their work to support their family, show them how to be build a home together and be true achievers in all aspects of life.

Our mission is to live a life that glorifies GOD in all aspects of what we do and builds a legacy to pass on. 


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  • Auto Pilot Email Marketing Campaigns 97% 97%
  • Custom Website Design 99.9% 99.9%
Jhonny N. Andrada

Jhonny N. Andrada

Founder of AChievers Connect

A part time online home based business owner.

Melcy M. Andrada

Melcy M. Andrada

Co-Founder of AChievers Connect

A full-time house wife, co-founder of AChievers Connect, a normal home maker expert and an online enterprenuer.

Melissa Claire Andrada

Melissa Claire Andrada

Editor in chief

A full time student and our editor in chief of our website contents.

John Marie Andrada

John Marie Andrada

Achievers Connect Author

Creative and truthful writer and author of our blogs.

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