Most people have this scarce mentality, a spirit that creep into the society in which people do not recognize the opportunities around them.

Scarce is defined as an insufficient of something for the demand of and our society has been driven by the commodity of things that can add to a person’s way of living in which most people forget about the basic needs in living a victorious and joyful life because they fell in this scarce mentality and this is a disease.

People tend to be like what other like, they want to have what other people have and want to experience what other people experience based on what they seen in social media.

There is a thought that success is a journey and you can be successful along your journey when you realize that all around you is being provided freely to you, you just need to realize it.

Contentment is also subjective, you can have all the money in the world and be not contented or can be the poorest person on earth and be contented, how can this be?

The answer lies beyond what you think you are…

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