What are the advantages and disadvantages of small groups of students working together on a school project?


A saying goes, “More hands make for lighter work”. It aptly explains how people working together makes a task much easier to accomplish. A small group consists of three to four students working on a school project. I believe that there are pros and cons of working in small groups on a school project. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of working together on a school project in small groups, Firstly, students will have a lighter workload resulting to being less stressed. Secondly, they will be more efficient in getting the work done. On the other hand, there can be a lack of cooperation amongst group members. Finally, the group may digress from the main objectives.


Firstly, on of the main advantages is that students may experience less or minimal stress. Working in a small group with three to four group members is a larger manpower compared to working alone. Hence, workload can be distributed evenly amongst group members allowing each individual to have lesser things to do with only a portion of the task. Therefore, this decreases the chances of students feeling stressed.


Moreover, working in small groups allows students to be more efficient in completing the  assigned task. With only a portion of the task, students will be able to execute the delegated part of the project, combine their work and complete the project faster. Hence, working in small groups helps students to get things done more efficiently.


On the other hand, working in small groups for a school project may be a bane if the group members do not choose to cooperate with one another. If the group leader does not delegate the tasks well or if the members do not communicate well, miscommunication may take place. This may lead to arguments and unnecessary bickerings. Thus, working in small groups may be a disadvantage if the members do not get along well with one another.


Furthermore, students may stray away from the main objective when carrying out a project in small groups. Students may be in the same groups as their friends and if the group was to meet up for a school project, there will be breaks in between. The students may take too much time on breaks, talking and relaxing. Therefore, students working in small groups may digress from the main objectives of the school project.


In conclusion, working in small groups has its merits like allowing students to go through less or minimal stress, complete the project more efficiently and demerits to students working on a school project in small groups. It also has its demerits like when there is a lack of cooperation in the group or having a lack of focus on the project, straying away from the main objective.


by: J.M. Andrada


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