They’re ruining you? I believe it’s called touching up and let them, because once you’re through that face of life, you come off as a better individual so don’t give up just yet. Don’t let potential stay as potential forever. Keep in mind that once you give up, you’ve lost but if you haven’t or won’t, you’re still fighting, and are still in the game. Would you want to lose here when you’ve conquered so many other times before? Why now? Why not way before? Effort is too valuable to be put to waste and you’ve put in so much before, there’s no reason to throw all that into the drain, so go on. Keep fighting and know in every move you make that there’s no, not at all, no turning back. Make the right choices but don’t be too afraid to make mistakes. In the end, how else will you learn other than from mistakes? Be it of others or yourself. Don’t give up just yet?- let me correct that, don’t give up at all.


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