Agape love is all we need!

I love this song when i was still in my younger years, it goes something like this:

A little love,
that slowly grows and grows,
that’s all i want of you.

i forgot some of the lines but i remember this;

A sunny day i look out to the sky, a hand to help you by
that’s all i want of you.

Don’t let me down, i have no time to wait, tomorrow may not come,
by then will be too late!

That’s all i can remember 🙂

Agape is all we need!

A love is the highest form of love that is divine, genuine,
pure and holy and it came from above!
The love that is beyond the shining of the sun, it will never stops shining!

It is greater than the overflowing well, it will never runs dry!

It is beyond every words that we can tell or imagine, no adverbs
nor adjectives or any expression that we can ever explain!

To know the love of Our Almighty is like taking all the waters in the seas, brooks, rivers, waterfalls and all the water in the world and make it as an ink
and taking all the clouds in the sky and make it as your paper we can never finish writing about it, we can never know its beginning nor its ending, how deep, how pure, how lovely, how wonderful, how beautiful, we cannot comprehend it by our nature, but we can experience it, How?

True achievers or real achievers can feel, embraced and receive the love of our One True and Living GOD!
Would you like to experience it too?


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