"Life is short." -a common line used by a vast majority of the human race. But what if it isn't actually so short? What if it's only our routinely way of living on a daily basis that makes us have such a perspective? We eat, sleep, play, grow, go to school, strive, work, pray in all these stages and then we die. Time flies but that doesn't determine life short. You know how many hours, minutes and even seconds 365 days equivalents to? Also, many times have I heard this line & I'm sure you have too; "there's not much time" or "I have no time" but don't you see? We have all the time & it's us who fail to govern time so much that it governs, controls us instead. I speak this from a personal perspective because I too, have not mastered the art of time management but I have a long way to go still, after all, I'm 14 & yes, you're hearing this from a 14 year old but don't belittle me or the words I say.


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