“In everything give thanks.”

This is a challenging concept- but it is really true. It has been given to us in order to build our character- a person that our Almighty GOD wants us to be. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 KJV says “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

That day was quite a challenging yet thankful day.

It happened on the first day of September (this year), it was a memorable character-building experience. One of the tires of our car got punctured on our way to lunch before Dad’s flight to Vietnam. We were thankful because we were able to park the car before the tire went totally flat.

We went to the restaurant that we wanted but there were no seats available so we went to have lunch at Subway instead.

After we had our lunch, Dad rushed back to the car and started to work on the punctured wheel for a spare tire replacement. When he was about to loosen the locking nuts, he had another surprise because the box wrench tool was not of the correct size to loosen the locking nuts. Time was not on our side because Dad only had two hours left before his upcoming flight, so he rushed out of the mall (because there weren’t any shops in the mall that sold that tool) to find the right size of box wrench to use. He ended up at a motor shop which allowed him bring the box wrenches of different sizes by giving a deposit of 40 dollars in case he would not return the other wrenches.

We were able to replace the tire with a spare one. However, Dad had to drive really slow because the spare tire actually lacked air. Nevertheless, we managed to reach the motor shop and replace the spare tire with a second-hand tire of the same size that cost $50 $15 for the box wrench that he bought. The shop owner was also nice enough to check the status of other tires. We managed to return home safely and Dad still had ample time to go to the airport for his Vietnam flight. GOD is good all the time!

If we did not hold on to the concept of giving thanks in everything, the situation would have been different. We would have panicked, complained, and maybe Dad would have missed his flight. To One true and living GOD be all the glory. We thank Him.


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