Finish What You Start

I believe that there is a time for everything. There is a time for when you begin with something new, go on or end one thing only to start with another. Sometimes, we are so eager towards something that we cannot wait to get the ball rolling. Other times, we dread something so much we just can’t help but let go, trample over it and move on. Has someone ever told you that “patience is key”? Well, they’re right. Focus on one thing, because time will pass.


Everyone makes them only to make another soon after. What you allow in your choices determines what goes on in the future. We all make more than a hundred decisions each day because little or huge, it’s still a decision. Its a constant that creates change. The changes that you make are the changes you will see. Life will keep going on, learning to be quick-witted in making wise decisions can help. Do the right thing.


They say its the only constant that you have to accept and embrace, otherwise you’ll dread the journey. It’s hard, yes but well, they’re right. It keeps you walking, keeps you going through the seasons.
What is change, really?
because if it’s the only constant, wouldn’t that make it a consistent factor? A dependent or controlled variable that remains unchanged? What’s goes in your mind when it comes to change? How do you define change?
These things run in my head too but one thing I’m sure of is that:
Change is good– only if you can adapt to it.

The Indecisive Theif

Suicidal instincts belong to an indecisive thief. The breath you take every moment does not belong to you. And so, you have no right whatsoever to take that away because that would mean thievery. Do not give ear to him for he is not worth adhering to. He gains you while experience loss, it’s not a win-win situation.

Beyond Feeling or Sight

Do not live by how you feel or what you see. There is only so much the eye can meet, the heart can feel. If you set your focus or things whereby change is especially a constant, you will eventually lose focus. Looks will not always be the same overtime and feelings don’t remain the same. If you’re going to build a foundation, it is without a doubt that it will be shaky. Sooner or later, you will collapse and crumble so, don’t.


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