achiever’sday 22.

Today we will learn how to vanish your negative thoughts and replace it with peace and joy.

we always say: if i only have…

if I only had a better education; if I wasn’t tied down to this mortgage; if the economy was better; if people treated me better; if i have this etc. then i would be successful or happy. Notice the common thread of failure:  IF… in Filipino we call this “sana”. 

1. stop using these limiting words.

 Stop waiting for things to get better, all things will work together for good, you must have the faith and love and fear of the Lord and ask for His help to believe this.

2. face your problem even if the problem is your face.

 Ask God for the strength and let His mind be in you. You must remember that all of us was created in the image of God and only by His will we were be able to overcome all the negative thoughts that hinder us to be in his purpose.

We are not our own. 


Live a life with God as your first priority, if not  truly you will regret it in the end 

– Achiever’s Connect


Our life is not consist of the abundant of things we possess but by the abundant of things we do according to the purpose of God in our life.


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