Be optimistic. Your daily success depends on how you start your day. As we age, our body needs ample of sleep (at least 7 hours) to endure our daily life's battle. starting your day right will help you become victorious. below are the suggested early morning start that might help you cope up.

achievers1. Start your day with a devotion to our One Almighty Creator. (30 - 60 Minutes). It is important to recognize and be thankful that you are still alive and able to get up and will become a blessing and a light to the life of other people living today in this dark and dying world. Your connection to the Almighty is the first thing to start your day.

2. Stretching exercise before getting out of bed. (5 - 10 minutes)

3. Taking a cold or normal temperature shower bath (10 - 15 minutes). I feel that my body functions jump start quickly at its optimum level.

4. Reviewing of your short term Life's goals.

5. Having a healthy breakfast.
An excellent way that helps fuel your body at the start of your day. (15-30 minutes)

6. Reviewing of your long term Life's goals, and lastly, 

7. Being an ambassador towards your ultimate purpose.


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