healing process

There is a healing process in every wound. Our body has the ability to heal itself.

People with wounds cannot perform at their full potential, healing is a process in which when we allow it to take place it will be “better and better” each day, if we resist it then it will take some time or even longer time and it will be

‘bitter and bitter” at some point.


One of the most amazing part of our body is the brain, GOD gave us the power to have control over any situation we are in and it helps us with the healing process. The brain sends signals to the Endocrine System and it does the miraculous healing process.

This proves that we are created in the image of  the Magnificient GOD that gives us the ability to control the healing process in our body.

This may sound strange but medical sciences only prove the supreme capabilities of humans which includes rejuvination of cells that can take place even in 7 hours of deep sleep.

You can experience healing in all aspects of life if you only allow it to happen.



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