They say its the only constant that you have to accept and embrace, otherwise you’ll dread the journey. It’s hard, yes but well, they’re right. It keeps you walking, keeps you going through the seasons.
What is change, really?
because if it’s the only constant, wouldn’t that make it a consistent factor? A dependent or controlled variable that remains unchanged? What’s goes in your mind when it comes to change? How do you define change?
These things run in my head too but one thing I’m sure of is that:
Change is good– only if you can adapt to it.

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The Indecisive Theif

Suicidal instincts belong to an indecisive thief. The breath you take every moment does not belong to you. And so, you have no right whatsoever to take that away because that would mean thievery. Do not give ear to him for he is not worth adhering to. He gains you while experience loss, it’s not a win-win situation.

Beyond Feeling or Sight

Do not live by how you feel or what you see. There is only so much the eye can meet, the heart can feel. If you set your focus or things whereby change is especially a constant, you will eventually lose focus. Looks will not always be the same overtime and feelings don’t remain the same. If you’re going to build a foundation, it is without a doubt that it will be shaky. Sooner or later, you will collapse and crumble so, don’t.

Up to You

Most of the things that happen is up to us, isn’t it? One way or another, there’s always a choice. You make your own decisions for your own life. There’s two ways things can turn out; positive or negative. I’m sure we’ve asked ourselves at one point; “is it wise?” or “will I regret this?” upon making decisions but we still mess up. Because in the end, why do people do the things they do? to satisfy.


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