We fear for the things we are not certain of taking place
we commit false accusations without making sure
we run from problems like it’s a race
we try to sugarcoat in attempt to cure
don’t you see the case?
All we do is endure,
for phase to phase.

What about change?

have you ever put in mind how a tad bit of it,
can cause a paradigm shift in the way we see things
instead of simultaneously admitting defeat.



Look, it’s raining outside & there’s you. You can choose to shelter yourself from the rain & hold your umbrella up high. On the other hand, you can choose to quit holding your umbrella, cast your cares aside & dance in the rain. Either of those will make a good move & you’ll a need a mixture with a good balance of both in life. You see, if you don’t keep yourself dry, you’d be drenched & if you keep dancing under the rain, you might get sick. Also, if you keep your umbrella up too long, you’ll get tired and forget to dance & have a little fun in the rain. Have a little bit of both here & there. keep a good balance & you’ll be fine.


7 ways an Achiever start their day

Be optimistic. Your daily success depends on how you start your day. As we age, our body needs ample of sleep (at least 7 hours) to endure our daily life's battle. starting your day right will help you become victorious. below are the suggested early morning start that might help you cope up.

achievers1. Start your day with a devotion to our One Almighty Creator. (30 - 60 Minutes). It is important to recognize and be thankful that you are still alive and able to get up and will become a blessing and a light to the life of other people living today in this dark and dying world. Your connection to the Almighty is the first thing to start your day.

2. Stretching exercise before getting out of bed. (5 - 10 minutes)

3. Taking a cold or normal temperature shower bath (10 - 15 minutes). I feel that my body functions jump start quickly at its optimum level.

4. Reviewing of your short term Life's goals.

5. Having a healthy breakfast.
An excellent way that helps fuel your body at the start of your day. (15-30 minutes)

6. Reviewing of your long term Life's goals, and lastly, 

7. Being an ambassador towards your ultimate purpose.


Different people have different definitions of things. People are their own person. Don’t try to change someone just because they don’t fit in your own definition of things. Sure, you can give them constructive criticism and tell them your point of view. Change is their choice, it’s up to them whether they’d rather keep to the way they are or try something new, to improve themselves as an individual.



The choices you take determine what pretty much happens next and what goes is all on you. Sometimes there are instances that just might destroy you- well if it isn’t aided immediately, you’ll just be torn asunder. We make our own choices because we’ve been given freewill and have to learn to put that ability into good use. If we ever make a wrong choice, we learn from it. I know what I’m saying is literally the basics but sometimes- most of the time, what we need is a reminder to knock some sense into ourselves.



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